BIG claims right?!

Any major news media covering this?


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Daniel chapter 7 mentions a bear beast that has
three ribs in its mouth which tells the bear to
go and devour much flesh.
This image represents a king.
That king likely lives to see the return of
Christ in power and glory.
At that time he looses his kingdom
yet, his life is prolonged.
Nov. 28, 2016
Let's keep tabs on Russia and look for signs
of them building up for a war.
US will confront Russia’s aggression against Europe: Tillerson
"Speaking at the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington on Tuesday, Tillerson claimed Moscow’s cyberattacks, energy policy and actions in Ukraine “are not the behaviors of a responsible nation.”
“We will not stand for this violation of international norms,” he noted in his speech aimed at reassuring European allies about the US commitment to security on the continent."
"The US and its allies have levied broad economic sanctions against Russia over its alleged support for pro-Russia forces in eastern Ukraine and Moscow's reunification with Crimea after a referendum in 2014."




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Nov. 11, 2013
Khamenei is to be far richer than
the first three kings.
Khamenei's wealth is estimated to be more than $95B!


Sept. 19, 2016
Persia [Iran] and Media [Turkey]
are to push to the north, west, and south.
Turkey pushes to the south.


Jan. 15, 2017
A king (President) is to become
higher than Khamenei
Watch Erdogan! He's becoming very powerful in Turkey.
Turkish lawmakers pass first reading of constitutional amendments
"The system, also known as executive presidency, will allow the president to serve two five-year tenures. Erdogan could thus end up staying in office for two more terms until 2029, with the next elections scheduled for 2019."

July 17, 2017
A king (President) is to become
higher than Khamenei
President Erdogan of Turkey is
declared by Muslim scholars worldwide
to be the Supreme for the entire
muslim world.

Sept. 23, 2017
Iran to stir-up all against the US
Wow! Look at this!
After Trump speech,
entire G-77 backs Iran deal

Nov. 3, 2017
Iran stirring up others against US
Look at how Iran paints such a bad
picture of the US
US trying to whitewash 9/11 facts
via wild claims against Iran: Zarif
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