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I finished just a minute ago. You have done an excellent job!!! Your dialog is not cheesy - rather it is informative and comfortable. You covered it beautifully without naming names but rather giving direction to those who want to watch and understand. Congratulations - I think you have a winner.

Lowell is a preeminent Last-Days scripture scholar. His decades of research and inspiration are evident in the way he so simply and clearly unfolds the books of Revelations and Daniel for everyone to understand. "The Prophetic Playbook Story eBook" is a easy to follow, must read, for anyone interested in the events that lead up to the return of Christ in Glory.

The prophetic playbook story teaches about the second coming magnificently in a way that is far more engaging than any textbook.

The connection between what the Lord revealed to his OT prophet (Daniel) as well as the NT prophet (John) concerning the latter day political arena opens new avenues of thought never understood or even addressed. Anyone interested in current and future worldwide events will find this book worth the read.
William B.

The Prophetic Playbook is one the most intriguing books I have read to date.... How Lowell explains in detail the Kings connected to the Scriptures along with other events has helped God open the eyes of my understanding to break down the Scriptures to their actual meaning....
Miguel C.

This was an amazing book. Revelations has always been an enigma for most of us. You did a great job Lowell. Thank You for sharing.
Carol C

Just finished! It was awesome! I really liked the format, easy to read and very engaging! Good job!