What are we expecting with Garland Favorito challenging the Secratary of State, GOP 2022 primary election?

Lawsuit action to all 159 counties in GA regarding the SoS, GOP 2022 primary election.

If successful, this will unseal the ballots for all to see regarding all the races on the GOP ticket.

This could prove to reveal so much discreptancy that it will affect the primary results and cast a dark shadow on the accuracy of the 2020 election.

Because the suit is about the primary 2022 election, it is expected to be handled expidiently.


We read "On June 23, 2022 Garland Favorito announced VoterGA's challenge of the GOP primary results in the Secretary of State’s race in which Brad Raffensperger certified his own victory claiming 52% of the votes in a four-way race.  The contest seeks to unseal the ballots to determine the accuracy of the results and alleges that all counties violated Open Records Request (ORR) law by failing to honor Favorito’s ORR for an electronic copy of the actual ballots. Actual ballots are needed to verify election results because VoterGA found the Dominion ballot images required to produce 2020 Fulton County election results were electronically altered prior to certification. VoterGA also announced that 81 counties failed to provide correct, signed certifications for the primary, including 73 that never responded to another ORR Favorito submitted to get the counties' certifications."

Obviously, truth and transparency are gaining ground in Georgia and those for election evil are being pushed into a corner.

Look at this short (about 3 minute clip about 15 Georgia facts that support a demand for a 2020 election audit.


Pressure is building for an audit of the 2020 election. With the Wisconsin Supreme Court, on July 8, 2022, declaring drop boxes illegal, and a Arizona judge hearing evidence about the preliminary injunction to make voting machines illegal in Arizona, momentum is building towards actions for integrity. 

What would the out come be if there was to be a re-do of the 2020 election in GA?

My guess, Trump is getting the 16 electoral votes of Georgia.

I'm guessing Wisconsin's 10 electoral votes are going to Trump as well. That's a total of 26 electoral votes.

From the 306 Biden and 232 Trump to 280 Biden and 258 Trump

I'm seeing a path forward for the prophetic fulfillment of a leader of the US attacking and removing Khamenei of Iran and Erdogan of Turkey from power. I'm still seeing the US leader as Trump.

The journey just keeps getting more and more interesting!