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Hi everyone, I want to share with you some highlights of the journey. We will be going through three chapters from the Book of Daniel which are the foundational chapters for organizing all the other Bible prophetic events of our day in general order. Plus, we go through most of the chapters in the Book of Revelation in detail.

The journey begins with Clip #1 – Revelation chapter 17 and a few verses from chapter 19, 13, and 12.
An angel showed John a woman riding a beast that has seven heads and ten horns. You can imagine How John was in awe about what he saw. It’s fun to look at some of the artists pictures about the beast with seven heads and ten horns. The image had a meaning and the angel told John what was meant by the image including there would be a succession of eight kings. We find out these eight kings lead up to the return of Christ in power and glory. Huge discovery! And the eighth king… gets the power, seat, and authority of Satan! Major insight! Yet, there is more! We find out that the woman represents a city that in the future reigns over the kings of the earth! It’s evil and the blood of saints and martyrs of Christ are in that city. Very sad yet, we find out the wonderful rewards they get in Revelation chapter 20. It’s awesome!

Clip#2 Next in the journey, Revelation chapters 18, 13, and a few versus from chapter 14. We learn a new worldwide monetary system will be setup in the future. Some people will be very excited to be part of that monetary system because of how wealthy it will make many people, including kings. However, the blood of prophets and apostles and saints and martyrs of Jesus are found in the main city of this evil monetary system. God has that city destroyed and all buying and selling stops through that monetary system and that is one of the last plagues before Christ returns in power and glory. Obviously, we are not to be part of that monetary system some refer to the mark of the beast.

Clip#3 Next part of the journey is Daniel chapter 11 – Thee foundational chapter out of all the Bible for understanding the general order the prophetic events of our day play out. No other chapter covers such a vast amount of time, without any major time gaps between prophetic people and or events, with as much detail, all in chronological order, leading up to the return of Christ in power and glory. It begins to be fulfilled in 1925 and ends with the return of Christ, whenever that is. There are forty-five versus and a lot of great discoveries and insights.
It refers to many kings and within the many kings is a succession of eight kings. The same succession of eight kings as referenced in Revelation chapter 17 we had covered. We are, at this moment in time, referenced somewhere between verse two and verse forty-five. We find out the answer. And we will see a reference to the United States regarding this very moment in time.

Clip #4 And the journey gets super exciting with Daniel chapter 8 and verses from Daniel chapter 12.
In Daniel chapter 8 we find another reference to the United States regarding this very moment in time. We see a huge clue as to the 2020 Presidential election, we read of a major war the United States will be in with Iran and Turkey, and we learn when the 2020 US elected president leaves office… The United States… will split into four nation! We also learn that the eighth king in the middle east area, the one that eventually gets the power, seat, and authority of Satan… is first a king in one of the four areas which is the former US. Fascinating discoveries and insights! You’ve got to see this clip!

Next in the journey clip #5, Revelation chapters 1 thru 5 are touched on briefly. They include a very peaceful, wonderful, insightful view of Heavenly Father, Jesus, the throne of God and things in heaven. Enjoy the peacefulness of these because the next several chapters are very shock and awe!

Clip #6 - Revelation chapter 6 includes the worst worldwide catastrophic event since the flood of Noah’s time. It’s the sixth seal event. My guess is it will happen sometime between 2029 and 2033. The earth will be hit by hundreds of asteroids or meteorites or something that will cause every mountain and island to be moved out of their places. Volcanoes will erupt and imagine the tidal waves and tsunamis.  Yet, there is great news! You’ve got to see this clip!

Clip#7 Next in our journey we see another view of heaven, like back in Revelation chapters 4 and 5. Yet, this time it is in heaven around the throne of God after the objects had hit earth. In heaven there are a hundred and forty-four thousand people sealed with the seal of God. We also learn there are four angels set to hurt earth. We learn more about what the four angels do to the earth in the next clip.

#8 - Revelation chapter 8 is the next part of the journey. We transition from events in heaven back to events on earth where the four angels hurt earth in a major way. We also learn that those four angels have trumpets and are four of the seven angels which have trumpets. Yet, you’ve got to see the great dots connected!

#9 - Revelation chapter 9 is packed with bad, horrific events. Yet,… yep! You got it!... You’ve got to see the great news as we connect the dots. So, even though an army of two hundred thousand thousand kill one third of the population… there is fantastic news! You’ve got to see the dots connected!

#10 Next we skim Revelation chapter 10 and explore chapter 11. We will see that an angel tells John about the return of Christ time in chapter 10 and then in chapter 11 the angel takes John back to the final few years leading up to the return of Christ.
It’s intense!
Yet… Yep!... connecting the dots there is fantastic news!
And just a FYI,… 
The reason why the angel told John the end before finishing the last few years leading up to the end… that reason is explored in the 15th clip of the journey. You’ve got to see it!

Clip #11 Next is Revelation chapter 13 and we skim chapter 12. Chapter 13 is the mark of the beast chapter. My guess is the mark of the beast, the worldwide evil monetary system is setup by 2033… After the worst worldwide catastrophic event since the flood of Noah’s time happens. Yet,…. Yep! There is some great, fantastic, awesome news! Be sure to watch this one!

#12 This clip is a magnificent witness of the power of God knowing the beginning to the end. At this point of the journey we look at Daniel chapter 7, the last of the three foundational chapters, Daniel chapter 11 being the first and Daniel chapter 8 being the second. Now, here in Daniel chapter 7, what we find is a fantastic witness of the hand of God inspiring the prophet Daniel,...
with revelations years apart, and God inspiring the prophet John, some 650 years after Daniel had his visions, with amazing interwoven insights found in Daniel chapter 7!
In Daniel chapter 7 we connect dots from Daniel chapters 8, 11, 12 and Revelation chapters 13, 17, and 19! And...
Included in this clip... the mystery is solved... as to why, in Revelation chapter 17, the beast (the eighth king) is referenced as “was, and is not, and yet is.” It’s fantastic! And Yes! There is great news to share as we connect the dots! Don’t miss this clip!
However, it’s best to watch the Preceding clips before this one.

Clip #13 Next part of the journey – Revelation chapter 14 where we see how chapter 14 ties in with the 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th trumpet angels.
And yes! There is great news to share!

#14 The next part of the journey – Revelation chapters 15 and 16.
There are 7 angels which have vials.
In the vials are the last 7 plagues.
Although the plagues are off the scale horrible… Yep, you got it... You’re right…
There is amazing great news!

Next,This is it!
Clip #15!
This is where we revisit Revelation chapters 10 and 11 in search for the answer as to why the angel told John the end of the story before telling John the rest of the story leading up to the end.
In Revelation chapters 6 thru 9 they are in chronological order and then in chapter 10 the angel tells John the ending and then in chapter 11...
the angel picks back up where he left off as we read in chapter 9.
In time the truth will be manifested however, check this theory out and see what you think. Mystery solved? You decide!

#16 – The journey continues with major victories as we read in Revelation chapter 19 – the return and victory of Christ in great power and glory!
Look at what you have to look forward to.
What a day to remember that day is going to be!

#17 – We end with a skim of the wonderful insights of Revelation chapters 21 and 22.
I highly recommend taking time to find a place to read, ponder, and pray about these two chapters and let the Holy Ghost teach you about the rewarding times ahead for the faithful.

Hope you have caught an inspiring feeling about the amazing journey in these clips. Keep a prayer in your heart and let’s begin!