Clip #2 - Revelation chapters 18, 13, plus verses from chapter 14

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Insights and discoveries

We learn about the one world monetary system being setup after the time of a king having received a deadly wound and yet lived. That king is one of seven kings represented by the beast that has seven heads.

We learn there are two kings (not part of the seven kings) who help convince the people around the world that they (the people around the world) should build the worldwide monetary system...
and they do.

In Revelation chapters 13, 14, and 18 it is made clear we are not to receive the mark of the beast and worship (use) that evil monetary system.

We read about some of the plagues upon the people that do.

We learn a new worldwide monetary system will be setup in the future. Some people will be very excited to be part of that monetary system because of how wealthy it will make many people, including kings. However, the blood of prophets and saints and martyrs of Jesus are found in the main city of this evil monetary system. God has that city destroyed and all buying and selling stops through that monetary system and that is one of the last plagues before Christ returns in power and glory. Obviously, we are not to be part of that monetary system some refer to the mark of the beast.