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What you’re about to do will either help in a big way Christ, Christians, and others
or you will be doing Satan a big favor and others a big disservice.
It’s that big... It’s that huge...
It's that important! I promise you!

All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good people not to do enough
and, collectively, obviously, we are not doing enough!
That’s about to change and I hope you’re part of it.

I believe the discoveries and insights shared are going to be the catalyst to the biggest “Draw closer to Christ” revival of our lifetime!
Just what our world needs!
And you can be a special part of it.
Or you can do Satan a big favor and not give this the honest look over it deserves and not share it.

I believe this is going to help many Christians take their faith to a whole new level and help many people to become Christians!
These are exciting times!

We are talking proof! Major Bible prophecies are coming.
They witness Christ is our Savior and he will return in power and glory when...
all the Bible prophecies leading up to his glorious return have been fulfilled as promised.


My "Why"

Sometimes it is helpful to know upfront someone’s “Why” and sincerity before hearing the details of what they have to say.

I’m sharing this because I feel:

We all need to know the discovery and insights about many people will have
a bright future leading up to the return of Christ in power and glory.

We all need to know about some very bad Bible prophetic events heading our way.
Some are coming up very soon (between now and about 2024).

Other very bad Bible prophetic events are farther out.
Yet, we all know how time can seem to fly by.
For example:
One very bad Bible prophetic event heading our way,
my guess is between 2029 and 2032,
Yet, unlike Noah’s time when only eight people were saved,
there can be billions of people saved.
We have time to prepare.

And again, we all need to know about the bright future many people will have.

It's not all gloom and doom if you are in the right place.

We all also need to know about
some events not specifically in scriptures yet, none-the-less, very dangerous.


Those things above are good enough reasons for my “Why”.
However, it goes way beyond that!


I’m also sharing because I feel:

We truly are all sons and daughters of God.

In this life, it is about accepting Jesus as our Savior and how we love, know, and do God’s will and, in so doing, love and help each other.

We have all been given gifts, talents, opportunities,
perhaps assignments to somehow, someway, help others.

When I leave this life and I see you, my brothers, and sisters,
I want us to know I tried to help you and make the world situation better.

We have this one shot to be valiant.
Let’s do it…. No matter how much time is left on our clock.

Back in 1998, as I was seeking from God insight about the prophetic events of our day,
He blessed me with a wonderful experience
and baptized me with an unquenchable desire
to go on a journey with him to gain greater insights as to the general order the prophetic events will play out.

Here it is over 22 years later and Oh my! What a journey it has been!
What amazing discoveries and insights He has blessed me with!

I’m so thankful that many of the things God has shared with me, he wants you to know too.
So that:

You have a greater understanding of the prophetic events of our day,
accept and keep Christ in you,
and develop a deeper desire to love God with all your heart, might, mind and strength.

So that:

You, your family, and loved ones can avoid more of the errors, tricks, deception, and wrath of evil.
And, as much as possible, the other bad events to come.

And instead, so that:

You, your family, your loved ones can prayerfully work with God to prepare and prepare to help those not prepared.

So that:

You, your family, and loved ones are living and experiencing the paths God intended for each of you individually.

And so that:

We can help others do the same and cause the greatest “Draw closer to Christ” revival of our lifetime!

So that:

Perhaps, God willing, you, your family, and loved ones can be with many others
who will have a bright future leading up to the return of Christ in power and glory,
at which time, the future will be off-the-chart amazing!

So that:

You, your family, and loved ones, may use your might, mind and soul,
to have everlasting joy and happiness,
and your hope, faith, and actions, are in oneness with God… the true ‘Happily Ever After!’ we all seek.

I want all this for my family, loved ones, you, your family, and loved ones and those around the world so much so that,
since 1998, I have given up a lot to seek first the kingdom of God and in so doing,
to share discoveries and insights for you and others.
Some people have taken a lot from me because I have persisted to give a lot to you.


Yet, the real #1 reason I have stuck with it for 22+ years…
is because I have felt it is what God wants me to do.
It’s a privilege to do God’s will, no matter what the sacrifice,
and in so doing, share this with you.


I praise God for the privilege to share this with you!
“Seek ye first the kingdom of God” doesn’t mean you will have a comfortable life or
everyone will love you.

If some of your family and loved ones don’t appreciate the reasons, discoveries, and insights, remember:
“It’s a privilege to do God’s will, no matter what the sacrifice.”
You can’t make someone love you.
You can't make someone love God.
You can't make someone want to be part of the family or one of your friends.

you can’t make God give you heaven.

Jesus taught there are times when you may have to choose God over someone else,
God’s will or another person’s. 
I truly hope all the “So that” reasons above and
the discoveries and insight will help
you, your family and loved ones grow
closer to God and each other.


You’re going to have questions. You probably already do.
Write them down!
Watch the five clips mentioned below and then ask away!
You’ll have my email, text number and there are shows you can call in on as well.
Hope you enjoy the conversations in the various shows.
We’re going to have some great conversations!

If this is your first time here,
you have no idea how important the discoveries and insights are.
So, I encourage you to look around, watch clips, and then…
as you gain appreciation for the information, then… prayerfully make a token of appreciation and to help spread the word.

Now you know my “Why” and sincerity,…

Enjoy the journey that just keeps getting more and more interesting.

Enjoy! and God bless!

Many people have wanted proof we are on track for Christ to come back in power and glory.
Hold on tight!... To Christ!
2020 to about 2024 is unprecedented in our lifetime.

I’ll share:

A few thoughts

Big Discoveries!

Big Discoveries - The bad news - Five critical events between now and about 2033

The great news - The vision of what we can do

The way forward for you to explore the discoveries and insights



A few thoughts 

Do you think God loves when we strive to love him with all our heart, might, mind, and strength?

Do you think God would be happy with us if we pulled together to encourage love and kindness?
Very much so!

Do you think God wants us to gain greater insights of the prophetic events of our day?
Big time!

Do you think there will be places where Christians will be gathered to be protected like God protected ancient Israel?
For sure!

I’ll be sharing with you Big discoveries and insights that are going to be the catalyst for the biggest
“Draw closer to Christ” revival of our lifetime and feast of faith for all of the above!

Isn’t that exactly what our world needs?!

God wants it, we need it, let’s do this!


Here’s just a few Big Discoveries and Insights!

John and Daniel were told about a succession of eight kings
leading up to the return of Christ in power and glory.

Ayatollah Khamenei of Iran is king number 4.

The US is referenced in the Bible regarding this moment in time.

(Those discoveries should be enough alone to get a seeker of truth to want to check it out!)


Big Discoveries - The bad news - Five critical events between now and about 2033


First Critical Event:

The US will attack Iran and Turkey and will remove those two leaders from power.

Second Critical Event:

When that US president leaves power,
whenever that is, however that is…
then prophetically the US will split into four nations.

Third Critical Event:

Announcement, News, scientific proof...
will come out any moment
between now and about 2024…
That the fourth critical event WILL HAPPEN!
Will that news and proof cause economic disaster?
What do you think will happen between now and about 2024,
when the news and proof comes out?

Forth Critical Event:

Between 2029 to 2032 is my guess,
there will be asteroids or meteorites
or something that will by the hundreds
hit earth so violently, it will be
the worst worldwide catastrophic event
since the flood of Noah’s time.
Now, think of the third critical event,
do you think we will have an economic disaster
when news and proof of this comes out between now and about 2024?

Fifth Critical Event:

After the forth critical event, around 2033 is my guess,
the evil mark of the Beast,
the evil worldwide monetary system will be setup.

Any one of these critical events should
be enough for a person to want
to check it out.
All the critical events should be
reason enough for a person to urgently
check them out.


The great news - The vision of what we can do

God will bless the faithful as He did ancient Israel.

If you are not faithful, you can be!
You can't do it alone.
Heavenly Father, Jesus our Savior, and the Holy Ghost will help you.
We all need their insider information.
For example: God knows where each one of those objects are going to hit.

See for yourself the big discoveries and insights.

Encourage others to do the same.

We want to work to hold the USA together.

We need to work together so that
at least one of the new four areas,
formerly of the USA, will keep
the constitution of Liberty to protect our freedom.

We need that nation to be God’s nation!

We need that nation to promise not to accept the mark of the beast.

We need that nation to have
an honest monetary system
that can hold up against the prophetic events.

We need to care more about people and less about money.

God wants it. We want it. We’ve got this! Let’s do it!


The way forward for you to explore the discoveries and insights

Step 1:

Watch the five clips below which cover many of the things mentioned above.
You’ve got to see this!
In those clicps... you'll see...

what has been fulfilled since 1925 that the world has overlooked!

Step 2:

You’ll have questions.
Email, text, or join me on the Secret Signs Uncovered show.

Step 3:

Join me on the WOW Me stuff show
where we talk about what we are seeing prophetically happening,
what’s shaping up to prophetically happen,
our success in getting the discoveries and insights out,
the success of fanning the flames of
the greatest “Draw closer to Christ” revival of our lifetime,
we’ll also talk about Christ and life, and so much more.



This is not the time to focus on the gloom and doom.

This is the time to live for Christ,
shine for Christ,
to be blessed and protected by Christ
in the places he will guild us to prepare.
It’s the sifting of the wheat and the tares.
Don’t let your family and loved ones be in the wrong place.

Watch these five clips and join in on the conversation at the Secret Signs Uncovered show
(Those shows are designed to answer questions from the first five clips)

Clip #1 – Revelation chapter 17

Clip #2 – Revelation chapter 18

Note: Daniel chapters 11, 8, and 7 are the foundational chapter out of all the Bible for understanding the general order the prophetic events of our day play out.

Clip #3 – Daniel chapter 11  

Clip #4 – Daniel chapter 8

Clip #5 – Daniel chapter 7


Then you are ready for
the WOW Me Stuff show
where we talk about
what we as Christians are doing
to get out of the bad places
and into the safer places.
We talk about the success we are having
in getting the word out and the lives being blessed.
We talk about how awesome things are shaping up for us.
We talk about our challenges and setbacks.
We talk about who needs help.
We also talk about prophecies and
ramifications happening and shaping up.
We talk about being Spiritually Centered and so much more!

Let's do this!

Yes! I want to keep in touch with
BIBLE Signs Happening.



With over 50 Huge, Major, Astonishing, and or Significant BIBLE Signs Insights Discovered and or pointed out, this is a must read book for those wanng greater insights so they can prayerfully work with God for their family and loved ones future. Lowell connects the dots to find many people will have a bright future. He hopes and prays you, your family, and loved ones are among them.

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Davidson - Host of Las Vegas Tonight (airs on 100 staons across the US)

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