Clip #3 - Daniel chapter 11

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Insights and discoveries

If you have already been exposed to interpretations claiming any of the kings of Daniel chapter 11 are about ancient times... click here
We layout the evidence showing the kings of Daniel chapter 11 were never, ever about ancient times. See for yourself. Click here

Thee foundational chapter out of all the Bible for organizing the Bible prophetic events of our day in general order.

No other chapter covers such a vast amount of time, all in chronological order, without any major time gaps. There is always a prophetic person and or event without any major time gap.

Here in Clip #3 we find in Daniel chapter 11 there are many kings mentioned.

Within the many kings is a succession of 8 kings.
The same succession of eight kings referenced in Revelation chapters 13 and 17.

However, in Daniel chapter 11 we learn which country the first four kings are in.

Plus, we find out which of the eight kings is in power, where he is in power, what he has done prophetically, and what he is doing prophetically, and what he will do.

We also see where the United States is referenced regarding this moment in time.

We find a major clue as to which of the seven kings is the one that receives the deadly wound and yet lives and when the worldwide monetary system is setup.

And we learn a lot more!