Clip #6 - Revelation chapter 6

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Insights and discoveries

The sixth seal is coming. It's the worst worldwide catastrophic event since the flood of Noah's time. However, unlike in Noah's time there will be billions of survivors. One of the reasons there will be billions of survivors is because in the coming years, maybe 1 or 2 or 3 or 4, I expect scientific prooof to come out that we have object(s) coming our way. My guess... they hit earth by the hundreds sometime between 2029 adn 2032. However, the scientific proof of the object(s) coming... that proof I expect to be out to the public sometime between now and 2024.

When that proof comes out, I believe it will cause the stock market to crash and the economies around the world. As of 2020, we don't know if that proof will come out before the US splits into four nations or after.

I believe at least two of the four former US countries can prepare in case the US splits up. If the split happens, I would hope we don't go into anarcy or tyrany. Instead, I hope we could have a smoother transition into a country that supports the Constitution of Liberty to protect our freedom. I hope it will have a monetary system that can withstand the prophetic events coming. I hope the new country is committed not to accept the worldwide evil monetary system. I hope the new country recognizes God as the founder of the country.

For those of us with the same hope, we need to make our hope reflect in actions so it becomes a reality.

We can have some great conversations about this.