What are we expecting with Wisconsin about 2020 election?

Since the drop boxes are illegal, does that mean action will be taken regarding the 2020 elections?

Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled on July 8, 2022 that "...drop boxes are illegal under Wisconsin statutes."
(See page 6 of the 141 pages, 4)


What would the out come be if there was to be a re-do of the 2020 election?

My guess, Trump is getting the 10 electoral votes of Wisconsin.

From the 306 Biden and 232 Trump to 296 Biden and 242 Trump

Why did this have to go all the way to the WI Supreme Court? The law was clear.

I'm seeing a path forward for the prophetic fulfillment of a leader of the US attacking and removing Khamenei of Iran and Erdogan of Turkey from power. I'm still seeing the US leader as Trump.

The journey just keeps getting more and more interesting!