Revealed in 2,500 year old Bible Prophecy... an american prophecy... USA Prophecy... the us splitting into four nations. My guess 2025ish. Watch clips below!

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Have you heard about the American prophecy?
I also refer to it as the US or USA prophecy.

This is more than about showing you the USA prophecy...
This is also about showing you what we can do about it
and our amazing, fabulous potential.
Imagine Christ being our literal
seen - unseen King
like he was for over 40 years
with the House of Isreal.
Watch this clip


This is about a plan...
a solution...
working for a fantastic, fabulous
future for our kids and grandkids,
our spouse, other loved ones,
people in general, and for us too.


This is about...

Greater clarity...
for greater direction,
for greater momentum,
for greater results.


In the past 1,000 years...

will compare to
2023 and 2024!

When it comes to
the number of Bible
prophetic points
that will shape up,
and or be in progress,
and or fulfilled,
and the number of people
who will acknowledge them!
These two years are that BIG and that IMPORTANT!




After watching the 6 clips below, be sure to go through the Clarity areas

as soon as you can

to get the big picture about the goal of
petitioning Chirst to be our King by 2027!


The four main areas of Clairty are:


1 - A greater oneness with God.



2 - A greater understanding of the Bible prophecies

and the order they play out. Link.
(This is where you will learn about american prophecy - the US to split into four nations)


3 - A look at some prophecy interpretation errors.



4 - The fantastic, fabulous way to move forward!




May 2023 update:


The clips were done in 2022.
Missed the momentum I was hoping to see.

However, the Bible prophetic points are holding true!

So, we'll make the momentum happen in 2023!


over the past few months...
exciting insights,
fantastic things have happened and are happening
that are so helpful
and inspiring
for greater clarity
for greater direction
for greater momentum
for greater results.


Step 1 -
Bible Signs Happening - Keep USA Great - BIG Plan!
BIG Solution!


Step 2 -
An angel tells John about a succession of eight kings
1 of 3 foundational clips -


Step 3 -
An angel tells Daniel about many kings.
Within the many kings is a succession of eight kings.
2 of 3 foundational clips


Step 4 -
The BIG reveal!
The US is referenced in Daniel chapters 8 and 11.
3 of 3 foundational clips



Step 5 -
On a scale of 1 to 10...
This is a 100!!!


Step 6
It's go time! We need this victory!


Imagine Jesus being our literal King...
Just like he was for ancient Israel!


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“Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country,”

John F. Kennedy

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same..."

Ronald Reagan

I'm paying it forward for you!

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