Is usa splitting into four nations by 2025ish in 2,500 year old Bible Prophecy? Watch clips below!

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Here, we focus on the 3rd area of greater clarity:

3 - A look at some prophecy interpretation errors.


With a focus on Daniel 8 interpretation errors.


If you have or see an interpretatoin you want to share with me, email it to



We look for interpretations
where they slice, dice,
cherry-pickm hop, skip,
and jump, twist and shout,
and or stuff verse(s)
to make it fit their narative.


To help you, below, we have
the long video and
short clips,and
links to pages
where we talk about interpretation errors.


Below are the links to the following pages:


For a focus on Daniel 11 interpretation errors click here.


For a focus on Daniel 8 errors. (This page)


For a focus on Daniel 7 errors click here.


For a focus on Daniel 2 errors click here.


For a focus on Revelation 17 errors click here.


For a focus on Revelation 13 errors click here.




When you see their errors...
then it adds to the intrigue...
If those are wrong...
which interpretation is more correct?

And when you see the track record presented
(25 prophetic points that have or are happening)
and the 19 more to shape-up
or perhaps playing out
or perhaps some fulfilled
between 2023 to 24...
that's a lot of credibility!



So when you hear of an interpretation of Daniel chapter 8 and the ram,
look at the interpretation of the two kings.

Who are they?

Which King was first?

Which King was second?

Did the second become higher than the first?



Are they interpreting the two horns of the ram as kingdoms or kings as it says?

When were those two kings in power?

What years?

Are they trying to make it fit ancient times?

The only way they could do that is if they slice,

dice, cherry pick, hop, skip, jump, twist and shout And or stuff, verse

or verses to make it fit their interpretations.

Don’t just take what they say at face value.

They often leave out really important facts.

Like if they are trying to make it fit the he goat being King Alexander the Great,

and they say after King Alexander the Great died

his kingdom was divided among his four generals…

Well he had five generals.

And after King Alexander the Great died,

historically, his kingdom went to his half-brother Phillip

and King Aloexander's son, Alexander the IV

who was born a few months later.

The nation was held together by the regent Perdiccas for about 2 years,

when he was assassinated.

Yet, the kingdom stayed intact

because Antipater became the new regent for about 2 years

until Antipater died.

Yet, the kingdom stayed intact because

Antipater appointed Polyperchon to be the new regent.

Then in 317B.C., King Philip III mis-behaved and was executed,

and King Alexander the IV’s mother…

the wife of King Alexander the Great,

became the regent.

A regent is a person appointed to administer a country because the monarch is a minor or is absent or incapacitated.

In 316B.C. the former General Cassander recaptured Macedon and put King Alexander IV and his mother the regent in prison.

That was about 7 years after the death of King Alexander the Great death.

Even then his kingdom didn’t split into four kingdoms.





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Check out 4th - Clarity of the precarious position we are in and why we are in the gov pickle we are in.
A brilliant, legal, correct, amazing way to shape up politicians and show the bad ones the exit door.
So we can have a country (or more than one) with politicians who are:
God loving,
supportive of the Constitution of liberty to protect our freedom,
understanding of the Bible prophetic events in general order,
full of charity,
wanting, working, petitioning Christ to be our King,
like back in ancient Israel times.
These politicians must be:
against socialism,
against communism,
against the New World Order,
and against the coming worldwide evil mark of the beast system.
So you, your spouse, kids, grandkids, loved ones, friends,and others
can work towards maximizing
peace, joy, happiness,
and have
a fantastic, fabulous,
wonderful living environment.
All the way up to the return of Christ...
when it only gets so much better!
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“Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country,”

John F. Kennedy

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same..."

Ronald Reagan

I'm paying it forward for you!

Bible Prophetic Power Tools


The risk of the prophecies being
right, and we’re not prepared is
horrible to imagine.

Especially since God went
through all the effort to tell us
about these about 2,500 years ago!

Isn’t about everyone at least 1%
convinced those events could happen?


For the love of God, freedom,
and our loved ones… we must
do something!
Other than nothing or helping the opposition.

We are in a very tough situation.
The future looks bleak to say the least.
You saw the Bible prophecy of the US splitting into four nations.
Done wrong, we could be seeing horrible
things like riots, civil war, anarchy, or tyranny,
rapes, robbing, murders, food shortages,
skyrocketing gas prices, and high inflation.
(Too late… some of those are already
happening. Let’s get a handle on this as fast as
we can!)
It is not a coincidence that you are here.
God blessed us to know the fate of the US Bible prophecy and others.
God is now encouraging us more than we
know to work with him to get out of this hell of a situation.
At the minimum, this is the sifting of those
for God and or
freedom, love, kindness, and common
courtesy. Of course, there are eternal
blessings for those who also love Heavenly
Father and Jesus with all their heart, soul, and mind.

The most peaceful solution:


+ Massive numbers of voters voting in enough candidates...
+ Who understand the critical Bible prophecies at hand.
+ Are God fearing,
+ Will work towards a smooth transition.
+ For the Constitution of liberty to protect our freedom.
+ Are for less gov.
+ For less gov regulations.
+ independent for food, energy, technology,
and medically.
+ Against socialism, communism, and the New World Order.
+ Against voting machines!

Can I get an "Amen" on that?! has brought to light:

+ The general order the prophetic events will play out.


+ Proof of 15 of those prophetic points that
have or are in process from 1925 to 2013.


+ Proof of 10 more prophetic points that have
or are in process from 2013 to 2022… a total of 25!


And the major curiosity builder...
that everyone needs to be keeping an eye on…


Will 19 more prophetic points
happen or begin to happen between
2022 to 2024ish???


Here's where the news...
month by month
keeps getting more and more
interesting... some of the 19 are already shaping up!


Thanks in advance for prayerfully giving from the heart to be part of this magnificent effort.

Let’s not just watch the news…
let’s do this to be the good news...
let's create great news!

I would love to see a headline like:
"People becoming Christians in
unprecedented numbers as major
Bible prophecies fulfill!


God bless!



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