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This is more than about
discoveries and insights...

This is about...
you, your family,
and loved ones,
building superpowers within
and mighty shields all about!
Superpowers and
mighty shields
of charity, faith, hope,
wisdom, understanding,
knowledge, preparedness,
a network...
of those looking out...
for each other!
Regardless of Christian


Satan does not want you here!


Pray and ask Heavenly Father
in the name of Christ,
to help you
build the superpowers within
and mighty shields all about.
See for yourself
how important these
discoveries and insights are!


Be commited to the mission
because Satan is looking
for slackers!


As you check out the
discoveries and insights
you'll see what I mean!

We've got this!

Game on Christians!


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What would you do if ...
you discovered
a catastrophic event was
going to happen and
it could potentially
kill hundreds of millions of people
you could potentially help
hundreds of millions of people?
What would you do?


Welcome to the real situation.


Let's get you up to speed
on some Bible prophecies
in hopes it helps you,
your family, and loved ones
in the mission of
building superpowers within
and mighty shields all about!


As you can imagine...
I'm much more concerned
for you and others
than for money...
So, you'll see where you
can get access to
BIBLE Prophecies Power tools,
and check things out...
and then...
you feel it was helpful...
and this mission is critical...
you can then give
a token of appreciation
and to help this
ever-so-important mission.


One of the great things
about this website is the
amazing conversations
we will have with those
up to speed on the
discoveries and insights
committed to the mission!
The discoveries and insights
really help to understand
the importance of the mission.
You'll love it!


Here's how I help you start to get up to speed:

For the few of you
who had been taught
that some of the kings
of Daniel chapter 11
were about ancient times,
Start here

For the rest of you...

There are three warm-up pages,
and then the sign-up,
and then you are at the
BIBLE Prophecies Power Tools!
It's that easy!
and they are awesome!

Click here to start!



Want to know about the warm-up pages?
We start with a Quick look at:


Five critical events between 2021 and 2033


A few BIG Discoveries and insights


A Track record of what Angels of GOD
as recorded in the BIBLE
said would happen...
has happened and is happening!


How to get access (no money upfront) to the
to help you start to get up to speed.


You'll then be at the page that has the
to help you gain a
greater understanding
of the general order
prophetic events play out.



Ready to start?
click here!



Imagine the great shows and
conversations we can have!


It is so empowering
to feel a oneness with
Heavenly Father, Jesus,
and the Holy Ghost.
To feel clean and forgiven.
To know you are on
the path they want you on.
To be prepared.
To help others.


This journey is more than
just knowing this, that,
or the other.
This journey is also about
you, your spouse, kids,
grandkids, and other
loved ones. becoming...
one heart...
and one mind with
Heavenly Father, Jesus,
the Holy Ghost,
and each other...
Truly building
superpowers within and
mighty shields all about!


It's that big and that important!


Many people around
the world will be in
the elements of
hate, anger, wars, plagues,
famines, evil powerful people
doing horrible things,
and the list goes on!


God will inspire many
of us who love him to
escape dangerous places and
gather to places of peace and refuge!
In a world growing in division
and darkness and against Christ,
isn't it wonderful to know
God will bless many of us
to be in places of peace
and refuge?
I love that truth!

It's that big and that important!

Let's start with five critical events
to happen between now and
about 2033.

Clik here.




With over 50 Huge, Major, Astonishing, and or Significant BIBLE Signs Insights Discovered and or pointed out, this is a must read book for those wanng greater insights so they can prayerfully work with God for their family and loved ones future. Lowell connects the dots to find many people will have a bright future. He hopes and prays you, your family, and loved ones are among them.

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"The Prophetic Playbook Story is a fascinating read! I consumed this book in a single sitting as I couldn’t wait to find out what came next! Lowell Taylor has devoted more than 20 years of indepth study of the End Times as revealed in the Holy Scriptures. His construct of the events leading up to Christ’s return is laid out in a precise and logical way with each event scrupulously annotated. I strongly believe he’s onto something very important.You’ll really"

Davidson - Host of Las Vegas Tonight (airs on 100 staons across the US)

"Loved The Prophetic Playbook Story and its explanation of scripture and end-times prophecy from the Bible. I especially enjoyed how it was presented in the context of a discussion with neighbors and friends. Made it much more interesting and readable. "


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Incredible Study Aids

Check out the material that will help you discover for yourself the Biblical prophecies about our day. I have discovered that 3 Bible chapters which for centuries have been thought and taught to be about ancient mes are actually about our day.

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