Is Trump in 2,500 year old Bible Prophecy about 2022 to 2024 events? Watch clips below!

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What a moment in time
we live in!


In the past 1,000 years...
There has not been more
worldwide recognized
profound BIBLE prophecy proof
than what I expect
in 2022 to about 2025.


The four simple steps (clips)
will give you an idea of how
huge the next few years
are going to be.


I'm paying it forward for you to check it out.


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Game on Christians!


Step 1 -
If this prophecy plays out...
We will have our first major
indicator showing the general
order of events is correct.
We will know where we are
Step 2 -
1 of 3 foundational clips -
An angel tells John
about a succession of eight kings
leading up to the return of Christ
in power and glory....
Step 3 -
2 of 3 foundational clips -
An angel tells Daniel about many
kings. Within the many kings
is a succession of eight kings.
The US is referenced about
this moment in time.
See which of the eight kings
is in power today.
Step 4 -
The BIG reveal!
3 of 3 foundational clips -
Look at the US referenced in
Daniel chapters 8 and 11.
Look at the prophecy
the US will attack and remove
the leaders of Iran and Turkey.
Congratulations on watching
the 3 fundamental clips!
Now you are ready to
get familiar with some
topics covered.
Then it's show time!
Where we get to have
great conversations! 
Show time!
Enjoy the engaging
BIBLE Signs Happening Show!
We have so much to talk about
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Game on Christians! 

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