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The Prophetic Playbook Story

The Prophec Playbook Story and or the discovery clips will change your life!

See verifiable proof of prophecies fulfilled since 1925. Look at what is prophecally coming our way. See the connecons that many people will have a bright future. See what places are the right and wrong ones to be living. Are you and your family safe?

Take these insights and help prepare yourself, family, and communies to weather valiantly through foreseeable worldwide challenges.

How big and how great are these prophec points?

  • 3 Bible chapters thought and taught to be about ancient mes is wrong!
  • Those 3 chapters are about our day.
  • The United States regarding this very moment is referenced in 2 of those 3 chapters.
  • In 1 of the 3 chapters there is a huge clue as to who will win the 2020 presidenal elecon.
  • The fate of the 50 United States government in about the next 4 years.
  • The US prophecally will split into 4 naons.
  • By about 2025 scienfic proof will be out about the horrific next point. When this scienfic news comes out between now and about 2025, what do you think will happen to the world
  • Someme between about 2029 to 2033, the worst worldwide catastrophic event since the flood of Noah’s me
  • Unlike the flood of Noah’s me, there will be billions of
  • Yet, get this,… and this is important… with all the above… there is also the discovery of the amazing, beauful, wonderful, bright future many people will have!
  • SO SURPRISING RIGHT?! Hope and pray you, your family, your loved ones are among them. Some assembly required. So, read the

The next 4 years are prophecally huge!

In the Bible we read about prophecies of our day. (i.e. ‘This person will do that.’ and ‘That country will do this.’) Yet who is that person? What modern day country is it? Now with the discoveries and insights, look at what has happened and that has widely been over looked since 1925.

  • From 1925 to 2013, 15 prophec points happened. 4 people idenfied, and one country,
  • Just 2013 to 2020…
  • 11 prophec points fulfilled or in progress, 2 more people idenfied, and 2 more countries!
  • Yet, look what’s coming 2020 to about 2024!
  • The next four years are unprecedented:
  • 18 prophec points.
  • 9 people to be idenfied.
  • 9 countries to be idenfied

Amazing verificaon, validaon that the Bible prophec events of our day from the Book of Daniel and Book of Revelaon have been organized in general order

Here is what you need to do!

Read The Prophec Playbook Story book and or watch the discovery clips so that you get up to speed and can prayerfully work with God to keep you and your family safe. And be sure to join in on the shows once you’re up to speed.

Learn the informaon before joining the ongoing conversaon.

As we invite guests and discuss current events and their connecon to ancient prophecies, you’re going to need to get caught up to speed.

With over 50 Huge, Major, Astonishing, and or Significant BIBLE Signs Insights Discovered and or pointed out, this is a must read book for those wanng greater insights so they can prayerfully work with God for their family and loved ones future. Lowell connects the dots to find many people will have a bright future. He hopes and prays you, your family, and loved ones are among them.

Here’s what others are saying about The Prophec

Playbook Story

"The Prophetic Playbook Story is a fascinating read! I consumed this book in a single sitting as I couldn’t wait to find out what came next! Lowell Taylor has devoted more than 20 years of indepth study of the End Times as revealed in the Holy Scriptures. His construct of the events leading up to Christ’s return is laid out in a precise and logical way with each event scrupulously annotated. I strongly believe he’s onto something very important.You’ll really"

Davidson - Host of Las Vegas Tonight (airs on 100 stations across the US)

"Loved The Prophetic Playbook Story and its explanation of scripture and end-times prophecy from the Bible. I especially enjoyed how it was presented in the context of a discussion with neighbors and friends. Made it much more interesting and readable. "


See what others are saying.

Incredible Study Aids

Check out the material that will help you discover for yourself the Biblical prophecies about our day. I have discovered that 3 Bible chapters which for centuries have been thought and taught to be about ancient mes are actually about our day.

The Prophec Playbook Story- 2018 Edion


God and Our Future 210 Prophec Points poster - 2020 Edion


God and Our Future - Chart - 2018 Edion Ver. 1.2


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Soon we will have weekly shows with various guests where we discuss what is currently happening and what we can expect to see in coming months and years.

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