The next Prophetic Points - 26 to 44 to happen or begin shaping up 2022 to 2024ish

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Included in these 19 prophetic points to happen are some real big ones as far as no one seeing them coming or knowing how they can play out. For example, in early 2021 many people thought Trump was one and done.

How is Iran going to split into at least a kingdom of the north and a kingdom of the south?

How does the king of the south prince become the king of the kingdom of the north?

How does Iran have a kingdom of the south that includes Egypt?

How does Iran have a kingdom of the south that includes Israel?

Really?! The US splits into four nations?

Seeing the progress of the first 25 prophetic points and progress into more and more of the 19 can help build our faith in believing they all will be fulfilled. We can prayerfully work with God to make the prophecies play out in a way to bless you, your family, and your loved ones.

Hope you have caught an inspiring feeling about the amazing journey in these days.


When you are ready...

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