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There are so many great conversations we are going to have... and there are so many topics! This is so exciting because this is not a show for show... We want results! We are on Heavenly Father's, Jesus', and the Holy Ghost team. They have a plan that they are moving forward with. They are looking for team players. They want their love to grow on earth. They want blessings to be poured out upon the faithful. They want us to experience joy and happiness now and forever. They want a land we acknowledge as theirs. A land of a constitution of liberty to protect our freedom. A land that protects the people from accepting the mark of the beast. A land where the people prayerfully use the insights of the prophetic events to prepare and prepare to help those not prepared.

Hope you have caught an inspiring feeling about the amazing journey in these clips. Keep a prayer in your heart and let’s begin!

About the video above:

There have been videos produced by members of the church and they clearly acknowledge that they are not speaking by the authority of the church and the videos have over a million views! I feel they have put forth some very good points. There are two areas that I feel they need to revisit in their studies. Some of the people making those videos feel the 2020's are part of the prophetic seventh seal. Some feel we are in the seven years of tribulation. Some feel Christ will return in power and glory in the mid 2020's or around 2030 to 2033.

Also, some feel the BIBLE Old Testament Book of Daniel chapter 11 is referencing like... king Alexander the Great time.

Some feel the sixth seal event of Revelation chapter 6 is referring to an event that happened in 1202 A.D.

In this clip we look at Revelation chapter 6 verses 12-17 and D&C 88:81- 92 and beginning verses of Daniel chapter 11 as well as a website that does a persuasive job of showing a (common) interpretation of Daniel chapter 11.

If you have not already done so, watch the clips about Revelation chapters 17 and 18, and Daniel chapters 11, 8, and 7, and Revelation chapter 6. See which interpretation feels best to you.

I feel there is going to be a lot of BIBLE signs happening between now and about 2024.

By making people around the world aware of the prophetic events, they can witness their fulfillment. This awareness and witness can provide opportunities for the Holy Ghost to touch their lives. The vast majority of Christians around the world,between now about about 2024 can come to a greater understanding of the general order the prophetic events have, are, and will play out.

It will be nice to see the saints be part of that unity in greater understanding.

If Christ is not going to return in power and glory in the 2020's or 2033, I feel it's helpful to understand why not and what is a better insight of things to come.

Incredible Study Aids

Check out the material that will help you discover for yourself the Biblical prophecies about our day. I have discovered that 3 Bible chapters which for centuries have been thought and taught to be about ancient times are actually about our day.

The Prophetic Playbook Story- 2018 Edition

There are over 50 huge, major, astonishing, and or
significate BIBLE Sign Insights Discovered and or pointed out.
Only about 200 pages with over one hundred pictures yet,
so packed with amazing discoveries and insights!
Plus, it's in story form to help you comprehend it better
and to help bring out factual insights.
Based off of prophecies from the Book of Daniel
and the Book of Revelation.

God and Our Future - Chart - with LDS References - 2020 Edition Ver. 1.1

With LDS references - This is an excellent tool to help you gain greater understanding as to the general order the Bible prophetic events of our day play out, from the Book of Daniel and the Book of Revelation and Doctrine and Covenants Section 88. Be sure to get The Prophetic Playbook Story book or eBook which goes over portions of the chart in story form to bring out factual insights. ( Note: D&C 88 is not covered in the book) Remember, the chart is to help you remember the related scriptures and the Holy Ghost is the key to understanding the scriptures so, keep a prayer in your heart.

God and Our Future 235 Prophetic Points Poster - with LDS References - 2020 Edion Ver. 1.1

Yes, this 235 Prophetic Points Poster has LDS references -
Be sure to read The Prophetic Playbook Story, it's the milk before the meat (the poster).
The Prophetic Playbook Story is a great place to start. 
The book and poster covers prophetic events of our day as recorded in the Book of Daniel and the Book of Revelation.
However, the 235 Prophetic Points Poster also includes references from Doctrine and Covenants Section 88.
After reading it, hang on to it. You'll probably have lots of questions and I may refer you back to it.

As you can see there is a lot of information on the poster.

Remember - The scriptures are the key... Not the poster. The poster is to help you remember the scriptures.  And... the Holy Ghost is the key to the scriptures. Keep a prayer in your heart.