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Bible Signs Happening update - Yes! there is progress in some of the 19+ prophetic points! This is so important because there are indicators as to where things are going.
You would think that Biden and team is purposefully trying to take down the US. He pulled out of Afghanistan and left $85B of military equipment. Do you think that Iran could be using some of that against Israel? His policies allowed Russia to attack Ukraine. His policies has allowed Russia, China, Iran, and the list goes on... to stop using the US Dollar. What could possibly go wrong with that?

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What caught my attention about the Fox News article was the GOP "expulsion" of Tenn. House Dems.

Here's why: I see the time coming when the US splits into four nations that there will be a socialist west coast nation and a socialist east coast nation that will expel Christians out of those nations. Did the GOP seemingly, unknowingly, just start an expulsion movement?

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In yesterday's update page I wrote "I still don't see a reason why Trump will remove Erdogan from power."
As you can see,that has all changed within 24 hours.

Click here to go to the April 6, 2023 update page. wrote an article title Signature verification software used by Maricopa County says 10% is 'high-confidence' match.

Think about it... does this mean our vote can be wiped out by those cheating who can pass a forged signature that is 10% accurate?

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2023 to 2024ish is expected to be an unprecedented time in rapid Bible prophetic points shaping up, some in progress, and some fulfilled. Three months into 2023, let's talk about how things are shaping up.


April 2023 is off to an early start for being off the chart with unique activity.

There are so many great conversations we are going to have... We will be listening to guests and the audience who have looked over at least some of the information and are weighing in on how they feel about the information, situation, and what we should do.

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