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Great to have you here. Excited we get to help each other gain a greater understanding of the Bible prophetic events of our day.

When you signed up to be kepted updated, you should have received an email. If you don't see it in your inbox, be sure to check your spam or junk folder. For the next week or so, you will get an orientation email. Each one gives one or more tips helping you to get more comfotable with the BibleSignsHappening.com website.

More and more poeple will be coming here for the first time. This is a great place to ask questions about Revelation chapters 13,k 17, and 18 and the Book of Daniel chapters 7, 8, and 11. Those are the Bible chapters I think of as the foundational chapters.

If you can read, I highly recommend reading the eBook The Prophetic Playbook Story. Also print out The List of 50 +Bible Sign Discoveries and or Inshights and fill in the blanks as you read theeBook. That will be a very big help!

While you are printing, print out the 210 Prophetic Points. Plus, the GOD and Our Future chart.

There are so many great conversations we are going to have.

This is so exciting because this is not a show for show... We want results! We are on Heavenly Father's, Jesus', and the Holy Ghost team. They have a plan that they are moving forward with. They are looking for team players. They want their love to grow on earth. They want blessings to be poured out upon the faithful. They want us to experience joy and happiness now and forever. They want a land we acknowledge as theirs. A land of a constitution of liberty to protect our freedom. A land that protects the people from accepting the mark of the beast. A land where the people prayerfully use the insights of the prophetic events to prepare and prepare to help those not prepared.


Hope you have caught an inspiring feeling about the amazing journey in these clips. Keep a prayer in your heart and let’s begin!