The Sixth Seal Event

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Hello everyone,

We are so blessed to know in advance... with time to prepare... about the sixth seal event... the worst worldwide catastrophic event since the flood of Noah's time. I'm impressed with Eon Musk's tunnel drilling equipment. That could be a great help if... Elon decided to pitch-in to help save humanity. Let's make sure he hears about this and the other information on the homepage.

Food is going to be so iffy if we keep doing what we are doing. However, there is time and we have the 'get it done' attitude. We just need the government to stop hendering our efforts in the name of cutting co2's to save our planet. We need to give Biden the chance to prove himself on this information. I know... I don't expect him to change. However, we are to give everyone the invitation and let them show their true colors.

When you are ready...

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