Evil actions of governments, corporations, and people

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There is and will be until Christ returns in power and glory, enormous amounts of evil actions by certain governments, corporations, and people.

The best we can do is to carve out places that will not accept the mark of the beast, places that accept Christ, Christians, and freedom.
We can't fight all battles.


We need to pull back from areas too far gone and concentrate on good areas or redeemable areas.


What are we expecting with Wisconsin Supreme Court ruling that drop boxes are illegal? How will that affect the 2020 election?

Since the drop boxes are illegal in Wisconsin, does that mean action will be taken regarding the 2020 elections?



What are we expecting with Garland Favorito challenging the Secratary of State, GOP 2022 primary election?

Lawsuit action to all 159 counties in GA regarding the SoS, GOP 2022 primary election.



I'm seeing a path forward for the prophetic fulfillment of a leader of the US attacking and removing Khamenei of Iran and Erdogan of Turkey from power. I'm still seeing the US leader as Trump.

Welcome to the journey just keeps getting more and more interesting!



President Ronald Reagan Quote "I'm from the Government and I'm here to help."

By about the time Christ returns in power and glory there are two basic groups: Those for Christ and freedom; Those for the mark of the beast and against Christ and Christians.

Those two groups are now in high-gear of gathering. Since we prophetically know the majority of the population of the world will accept the mark of the beast, how much territory, countries, can we get to commit to be against the mark of the beast and for Christ?

The Biden administration is openly taking down the US with high inflation. illegal migration infitration, crushing oil laws implimentation, food shortage regimentation, new world order persuasion, and the list goes on.

Yet, there are republican governors, AG's, senators, and representatives who are supporting evil agenda and preventing justice.

A beginning good test is if they are constitutionalist and if they are for Christ in word and deed.

How do they view the Bible prophetic events of our day?

President Biben did say there will be food shortages. https://youtu.be/EiLnT5wN9_o

Famines to remember and did they cause them and what could have been done to prevent them?
1921 - 22 - Vladimir Lenin famine starved 5 million people to death.
1930 - 32 Stalin's famine starved 7 to 10 million people to death. 
1958 - 62 - Mao's famine killed 15 million to 55 million people. 
Sometimes communism and food shortages go hand in hand.
Bill Gates owns the biggest amount of farmland in the US. Why?
Blackrock is buying up real estate above market value. Why?


government truth commission - Ministry of Truth - Disinformation Governance Board to combat “misinformation.”

Again, Reagan said the nine more scariest words are "I'm from the Government and I'm here to help."

This opinion piece highlights concerns.

Joe Biden’s ‘Ministry of Truth’


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